Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nicholson’s Quiz night!

I convinced David to meet me at Nicholson’s on Monday.

I got there first, and was greeted by Curtis, the bartender. After asking what was on cask, the Bells Porter, and trying a little sample, I decided to order one.

I found the porter to be a good example of one, and it’s very good on cask. Dark, smoky, but a little bit pricey at $7.00. It was served in a Goose Island Matilda glass which I recognized immediately because David and I also have one in our cabinet.

David arrived fairly soon and ordered and Belhaven Stout ($5.40), which he liked.

Nicholson’s has a very nice selection of scotches, and I urged David not to waste the opportunity. He listened, and boy is he glad that he did. He discovered a new favorite scotch, the Bowmore Cask Strength. ($12.00)

Nicholson’s has done some renovations. Instead of a few booths along the front, they have been replaced with two round tables similar to the Pub Rookwood’s. I liked the change, it made it much more open inside the restaurant. The outside has a new coat of paint.

A lot of other things are pretty much the same. I spied that Nicholson’s now has a little “bar and wee bites” menu, including Wee pub crisps ($3.95) with bacon and barbecue sauce, Wee fried pickles ($2.95) and a little Wee nibble trio platter, including cheese, almonds, and olives. ($4.95).




We were debating about what nibbles to order when a lady came around and asked us if we wanted to participate in quiz night.

Oh boy, quiz night! I had forgotten. The Pub Rookwood has a quiz night, and it is packed. I had visited with Adam Bankovich, his girlfriend Colleen, and several of their friend the previous Monday and it was pretty crazy.

In contrast, Nicholson’s was very quiet. Which meant we had a better chance of winning! We got our raffle ticket, and since fish and chips are ½ price during quiz night, added that to our order. I also fell back to my familiar Belhaven twisted thistle.

Sadly, Team Inspirado (Warning, Tenacious D link is probably NSFW and not recommended if you are allergic to awesome) didn’t win quiz night. We totally blew it on the music round. But we had a really good time. I feel like I stumbled upon a little secret—a quiet quiz night! But as anyone who knows me remembers, I’m terrible at keeping secrets. Exhibit A: I’m blogging about it.

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