Monday, May 4, 2009

Terry's Turf Club Interview and Pairings:

David and I are very happy to present to you the surprise we have been working on. We’re ecstatic to have taken up the position of Beer and Casual dining columnists at local Eastsider Magazine, in addition to our cubicle day jobs and the nom blog.

We wanted our debut to be interesting and intriguing; on a place we really liked that featured great beer and great food.

We debated for a week or two where to start and what to feature. But we kept coming back to burgers. Burgers and Beer.

And if you want a good burger, there’s really one place that’s a cut above. A place which has recently been honored as the “best burger in Ohio” by the food network. You know what I’m talking about.

Behold! The Behind the Burger interview with Terry of Terry’s Turf club and also, our recommendations for Beer, sauce and Entrée pairings.

Eastsider magazine is available in print and online, and is fabulously free to subscribe to.

This calls for a Terry’s Turf club photomontage! David and I visited twice to gather all our information and eat delicious burgers, so we have lots of pictures to share. We had a lot of fun talking to Terry, Kimberly, Nick and Tom, and we are really glad they took the time to tell us more about Terry's and fine tune our pairing list.

Terry put edible gold on my burger along with special grilled picked banana peppers

Filet Mignon sandwich

Special sauce that Terry was making that day. Delicious!

Terry brought us some odd looking tropical fruits

Stop; Cosmo time

Terry also lent us his knife to open them

David enjoys his "little crippler" as we call them

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