Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Joe’s Crab Shack:

You know sometimes when you get an idea in your head and it won’t go away? That’s what happened this past weekend. David asked me what I wanted to eat, and I kept thinking that I wanted crab. I’d never actually eaten crab that was not in a little round cake before, so I have no idea where it came from. Nonetheless, I wanted it.

David started offering up seafood restaurant suggestions, Oceanaire, Chart House, Mitchell’s fish Market. I turned them all down. Because I didn’t just want crab. I craved kitschy. I wanted buckets and yellow zippers and bibs and servers dancing to "Carwash". I wanted Joe’s crab shack. I was especially emphatic about the bucket.

We tried to go on Sunday, but the Reds game had the place packed. I was very disappointed that I did not get my bucket. We decided to try on Monday night instead.

We sat outside, which was very pleasant. Joe’s crab shack has excellent outdoor seating and I really like it.

I ordered one of their best drinks, the category 5 hurricane ($7.79) this is mixture of rums and juices in a very large round fishbowl glass.

We ordered the Crab Daddy feast (25.49) to split between us this had not one, but three types of crab; king, Dungeness and snow crab simply steamed with no extra seasoning (in a bucket). I also wanted an appetizer, so I ordered the great balls of fire, ($6.99) a mix of cream cheese, crab, shrimp and jalapeño peppers.

We'd do it again

David and I have now branded them “wrecking balls.” The delicious mixture of cream cheese and jalapeños deep fried is a wicked one. David and I ate them all because they cast a tasty, evil enchantment over us. We paid for it. Around 2 AM that night our stomachs woke us up and told us very emphatically that they were not pleased and that they were going to teach us a lesson.

Our crab in a bucket came with the yellow zippers that I had coveted earlier and bibs.

David valiantly took the duty of opening up the king crab, which is very spiky and spiny.

ow ow ow

The king crab’s flavor was definitely more delicate and sweet. I liked the snow crab legs as well. My least favorite were the Dungeness, which had a flavor I can only describe as more “earthy”.
I also wanted to see if the shark bite ($7.99) –their version of the Shark tank, which is a favorite at O' Bryon's—was any good. It certainly is a lot prettier than O' Bryon’s. The blue Curacao makes a very pretty picture, and the shark has a test tube in it to keep it from getting all sticky.

I think O Bryon’s wins for me. The shark bite from Joe’s has a little too much sugar for me to enjoy it, and I like being able to take the cup home.
As I was idly looking over the menu, I saw that you can get a pot of lobsters too! My craving had a new focus. Lobsters in giant steam pan.

I had no idea how to eat one.

So we went back the next day. Because we are crazy like that.

we sat inside under the big shark

We ordered the Bean town bake (34.99), which comes with two lobsters, 1 pound of clams, 6 shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes.

We also ordered the great balls of fire again. We couldn’t help it. I told you, this tasty appetizer will haunt you.

David helped me figure out how to eat the lobster, which was helpful. He also insisted on dissecting them at the table. Not helpful. Kind of gross, actually. Especially when he found its “brain”.

*poke* *poke* Er...where do I start?

you'll help, right David?

I liked the lobster, but I think my favorite seafood of them all is the snow or king crab. It’s a little more my size and easier to handle.

Joe’s crab shack is a pretty good deal, and I recommend it. They have excellent outdoor seating, the category 5 hurricane is nice and strong, and the seafood doesn’t seem too expensive to me for what you get. They also have non seafood items if you are with someone who does not want any. The whole place is really fun, which I’m a big fan of. We will definitely be back.

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