Saturday, May 23, 2009

See you at Taste!

David and I take our festivals very, very seriously. We’ve been taking it easy the past two weeks with eating out, but we’re about to make up for it. I've also been going to the gym for the last three days. That's a big deal for me. I hardly went all winter.

In case you have not heard, Taste of Cincinnati is coming up this weekend and runs through Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Saturday and Sunday the nommable delights begin at noon and run until midnight, and Monday everything starts at noon and ends at 9.

David and I live a mere 15 minutes from downtown, but for Oktoberfest and Taste of Cincinnati, that’s 15 minutes (and a car trip) too far. So we booked a hotel room on Sunday night at the Hyatt, which is offering a discounted rate for this weekend.

If you check the taste of Cincinnati’s website, you can get yourself a handy map and also a list of what vendors are serving and what the prices for everything are this year. I have already highlighted mine in order of preference. With so much food around, you must plan accordingly if you want sample all your desired dishes and not run out of tummy-space.

Apparently there is also a stroller path this year behind the booths, which is nifty. I am all for not having my foot run over by strollers.

We’ll be wandering around taste of Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon and evening and Monday afternoon, stuffing our faces with delicious food, taking lots of pictures, drinking lots of beer and grinning like idiots.

If you spot us don’t be shy, come and say hello. Send us an email if you want to meet up on one of those days. See you there!

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