Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Teller’s remodel and Brunch:

David and I visited Teller’s for brunch to get a look at the new and redecorated restaurant. We had been to Teller’s often pre-revamp, so sitting down and looking around was very similar to those “What’s the difference?” puzzles that I used to get in Highlights.

I’m sure we missed some, and I have not seen the bathrooms yet, but here are a few of the major things we noticed.

New color of paint, and no more Teller’s logo above the bar. The taps have also been moved from the side to behind the bar, which opens up the space quite a bit.

New chair upholstery, and new floor. The color scheme now is very warm, earthy colors with lots of texture.

including the ceilings

A partition has been placed between the seats by the window and the rest of the first floor.

These large, sharp looking fans replace the hanging plants on the upper floor.

It’s going to take some getting used to, and for now I can say that I don’t dislike the change. (Although those fans are a little scary, so I hope they were installed properly) I definitely like the taps behind the bar instead of on it. Now on to brunch!

I got the two eggs over hard and goetta, which comes with hash brown casserole and croissant with fresh jam. My goetta was thin, crispy, and perfect, as were my eggs.

David went with Eggs Florentine, which also comes with croissant and casserole.

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