Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dilly Deli Roundup:

David and I visited the Dilly Deli last week. It had been a little while since our haircuts, and I really wanted sweet potato fries. It was a nice day, so we sat outside. Dilly Deli patio is first come first serve seating, but we got there early enough that we got a nice spot.

I wanted to try the hopwine from alesmith, Existential. This is pretty hoppy, but also has a lot of the sweet malt of a barley wine. David got the burger, which is served on a nice toasty bun, with seasoned fries. I got the wings with barbecue sauce on the side and a cup of sweet potato fries with apple butter.

You’ve probably noticed a theme with the sauce on the side and my wings, I think it works a lot better. I do not like a ton of sauce. I also do not like to get very messy. I eat my ribs with forks most of the time. I also usually do not finish my order of wings, and keeping the sauce on the side ensures that they will reheat properly in the toaster oven at home.

Here are a few leftover pictures from our last visit inside.

my version of a romantic dinner: candlelight, good chicken wings and an imperial IPA

Duck salad

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  1. I'll second your craving for the Dilly Delli sweet potato fries. Best I have ever had.



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