Thursday, May 7, 2009


With as many times as we have gone to Arthurs or Tellers, you would think that we would have visited Beluga at least once by now. But we had not until a few weeks ago, mostly because I do not like sushi. I’ve refused to eat it, despite David’s numerous attempts over the past two years.

But we visited Beluga the first time after work a few weeks ago, when I was feeling adventurous. I decided to get an Appletini ($9.00) for courage. They make it with Van Gogh vodka, and I thought it was very good. Our waiter, Lucas, stated that bartender made a “ferocious” martini. I especially like the cherry on the side of the glass instead of the bottom.

David had a lot of trouble deciding what he wanted. He ordered an Asahi, which he said was meh.

él tiene problemas para decidir

I spotted risotto as a side ($8.00) on the menu, so of course I decided to try that. David convinced me to try the lobster tail entrée, ($29.00) which comes with it. My decision made, I spent a few minutes looking around the restaurant.

Beluga's decor: mod chic in the front, party in the back and the bar, complete with disco ball

David ordered a few rolls of sushi, including the volcano roll, tuna, salmon, white fish, bbq eel, cream cheese, crab and asparagus tempura ($16.00), and a little sampler on the menu. ($12.00)

Left to right—smoked squid, spicy tuna with cucumber cocktail, seaweed salad.

My lobster tail and risotto were very good. The risotto had lots of shrimp in it and the lobster was well prepared. Beluga cheated a little on the risotto, though, because it was surrounded by about ½ a carton of heavy cream of some sort. Overall, I enjoyed it.

David really liked his Sushi, but not as much as the tuna on the sampler. He really liked that.

We also got the sweet sticky rice cooked in coconut milk with mango ($6.00) for dessert, which was very good, although the rice reminded us a little of cream of wheat. I’ve never understood why people eat that for breakfast, because it just makes me want to curl up in a ball and take a nap. This was no exception. The Mango was fresh, thinly sliced and delicious.

I decided to get a chocolate martini, which Lucas said he told the bartender to make extra delicious. It was.


We decided to visit again late Saturday for ½ price sushi night. And when I say late, I mean late. Beluga sushi half price madness runs from 5-12:30 AM on Wednesdays and 11 PM-2:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Most of their rolls, including Vegetarian, Nigiri, Sashimi, clam and shellfish are ½ price. There are a few exceptions, so our advice is to ask beforehand, the servers are more than happy to explain to you what’s what. Also, on ½ price nights, reservations are highly recommended.

David and I went to Dave and Busters beforehand. Then, in preparation, I came home and took a nap. We almost didn’t make it because David had lots of trouble waking me up. He told me later of the following exchange with me when I was half asleep:

David: “time to get up for sushi!”
Laura, half asleep: “Did you fold your burger?”
David: “did I…fold…my…burger…”
Laura: “yes, right here” *Patting the side of the bed.*
David: “why… would I fold my burger?”
Laura: “to make is easier to carry…”
David: “ok…huh.”
Laura: “well, unless it has ketchup and mustard on it.”

I have no idea what spectacular dream I was having at the time about hamburgers so large you had to fold them in half to carry them comfortably, but I managed to rouse myself and get ready.

We arrived at Beluga on time for our reservations and were led back to the back room, which is a little more secluded, but full of neon lights that the camera hated. (Pictures not so good for that reason.) We were seated right next to another couple in the middle.

Immediately having a flashback to our Precinct experience, we thought it would be awkward. But it wasn’t! We explained our similar experience at the Precinct, which they thought was funny. And we got to talking. A lot. Somehow Land of the lost, (the old series, not the new movie) came up, and they remembered the episode that had always scared me as a kid—the one where our protagonists enter an “alternate dimension” and the furniture in their “house” comes to life and tries to kill them. After that episode, I was always suspicious of our sofa suddenly coming to life and attempting to pin me to the doorjamb.
David perused the ½ price sushi menu:

And then the unthinkable happened. Our dinner mates got me to try sushi.

these friendly faces are very persuading

Somewhat cooked sushi, but sushi nonetheless. A Sunday morning roll, with cream cheese, salmon, tempura battered and covered in a sticky sweet sauce. It was really good! I don’t think I am ready to get my full sushi on, though. Cooked fishies only please.

For my entrée, I chose to get the duck, which had been recommended to me previously.

terrible picture of blurry duck

The duck was OK, I think the Dilly Deli’s duck is a little better, though. David enjoyed his sushi quite a bit, and our neighbors liked their sushi and desserts.

We talked for a long time about lots and lots of things, and left with two new friends. It was a very positive experience, and I had a lot of fun.

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  1. I remember that episode of "Land of the Lost" too! I still get the heebie jeebies thinking about it. They thought they were home but noooo, still lost.

  2. She also said her son wanted to be a sleestack for halloween, which I found funny.then we talked about polly pockets.

  3. Worked @ Beluga for 2 years in college... makes me laugh that you were hesitant to go bc you don't like sushi. Toon always does an amazing job w/ the menu but it's always overlooked by the sushi. And I LOVE Lucas, he's the best :) Glad you enjoyed it. Just get out before it's late night!


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