Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I love the week after Easter:

1/2 off easter candy at Graeter's! I picked up a whole menagerie of chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs at lunch on Monday.


  1. Laura - this is completely off-topic for your post. I spent a good deal of last night trying to figure out who you were (I knew I knew!) and then it suddenly came to me. By that point, I turned around and you were gone!
    So, the upshot of this is that I should have wandered over to say hi last night at The Party Source. I actually first noticed you because of your camera - I'm in the market to buy my first DSLR or a bridge camera, so I'm paying more attention. Also, I rarely see someone other than me (or Julie) taking photos of food and drink. So I was guessing you were a blogger too.

    Anyway, now that I sound all stalker-ish, which is not how I meant to sound at all, next time I see you at an event, I'll say hello. Bloggers need to all be friendly! :-)

  2. That's funny! I had a pretty good time, hope you did too. I think next time will be better. We would have stayed longer, but I was not planning on sitting in the shade when I got dressed that morning. I was freezing! and when I get cold, I get cranky. We also were not planning on them starting to bring burgers to the other end first, so I was hungry and cold and cranky.

    But we will probably be at the next one (we like Goose Island a lot). I will bring a blankie in the car just in case it's chilly. Do you want to meet there and sit together? You can tell us more about wine (we only know a little) and David can show you some of the nicer things about the camera. He likes that stuff.


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