Friday, April 3, 2009

Risotto V. 3.0:

A few weeks ago, we decided we had tried enough sea food risotto. David and I do not like sea food Risotto as much because you are not supposed to add Parmesan. And we like Parmesan.

We decided to make lamb chops with our risotto for our third try.

David cut up the large white onion and sweated it. It was incredibly strong—much stronger than the others we’ve had. I solved the problem that David was having cutting up the onion by grabbing the plastic goggles that I was required to wear at night for a week after my LASIK procedure and bringing them to David.

David then toasted the rice and the sweated onions.

Instead of vermouth, we decided to use Manzanilla.

And of course we had to have beers while cooked.

While the risotto was absorbing the broth, cup by cup, David started the lamb chops with some thyme.

We add a lot of butter to our risotto.

David cooked the lamb chops to a perfect medium, and they were delicious.We've already made v 4.0--with butterfly pork--, which I'll post later. I'm pestering David make a "risotto recap" post contrasting the differences and similarities in our attempts.


  1. Wow, the "texture" of your risotto is always impressive. I made a bunch of chicken broth a week ago and might have to attempt to replicate this. Yum!

  2. Thanks! The butter finish makes a huge difference, really. And don't skip the grated Parmesan!

  3. this is random, but i really like your photo of the onion with the skin

  4. Thanks! I do too. It came out really well.


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