Monday, April 20, 2009

Dave and Busters:

Dave and Busters is our happy place.

You get bonus points if you can spot the microsoft error message

See? Happy place.

When David turned 21, it is where he started his celebration. When I turned 21, I insisted upon being taken there as well. After our wedding, we headed over for a few drinks and to play House of the Dead in our wedding outfits.

So, sometimes I get the craving for lots of fruity, girly drinks and video games and drag David up to tri-county. I was able to lure him up there last Saturday in exchange for a new apple keyboard, purchased with our Christmas Best Buy gift cards, because I'm crafty like that.

On weekdays, they have a pretty decent happy hour, ½ price cocktails and also 1 hr of video game playtime for $10.00. They also have another deal where you can get incremental hours of play time and select entrées for $23.99. That sounded good to us, so David got the double cheeseburger combo.

I started with my favorite drink, the Belaire Pear Martini ($7.09) . It’s delicious and comes with green sugar around the top…usually. Some bartenders put it on and some do not, so if you want sugar, it’s best to mention it beforehand. That way everyone is happy.

yummy yummy yummy

David got a large Bass.($6.19) They have Newcastle, Bass, Blue Moon and a few others on tap. And these big mugs are heavy.

I decided to order the chicken nachos ($6.59). I’ve come to the conclusion that Dave and Busters chicken nachos are superior to all the other nachos I have had, and this is why:

They are not just a pile of nachos with toppings. They are an array of nachos with evenly distributed cheese, chicken, black beans and pickled jalapeños. I really like not having to dig around the nacho pile to get a nice amount of toppings. I can also vouch for their chicken fingers.

Next drink is another favorite, with a bunch of rums in it. It’s called a “walk the plank”. ($7.59)

Dave and Busters also has good fries, and they don’t feel the need to over season them, like Friday’s typically does.

And an over under cherry bomb:

And a mai tai ($6.79):


David got the banana split, ($5.59)

And I got jealous and wanted something frozen too, so I got a nilla gorilla ($8.09)—pretty much a pina colada.

We wandered around and played video games for a little while. I like to play the lost world every time we visit. We were sad when we played, however, because my gun was not calibrated right and I kept dying. David’s very good at video games, so he could compensate for my problem, but we still didn’t get to the end like we usually do. Also, there was no sound so Velociraptors and Compsagnathus kept creeping up on us.

We then played Gauntlet for a little while. We have our own characters saved, so it’s pretty nice. David’s character is a Wizard and I am a Valkyrie. I somehow am a level 10 guardian and the #2 Valkyrie in the game. I’ve accomplished this pretty much by pushing the “fight” and “turbo” button manically and dying often.

Last up was a racing game. David beat me, and I beat a little kid who was about 10. I then had finished my Nilla Gorilla and had the hiccups (I know, imagine that) so we went home to take a nap before dinner, which was at 11 PM at Beluga. Stay tuned for our fun evening of new friends and nostalgia.

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