Friday, April 24, 2009

Palomino, with pictures:

I’ve posted about their happy hour before, but wanted to provide pictures to help. Palomino’s happy hour is pretty nice. The only downside? If you are ordering food you pretty much have to love garlic. A lot of garlic.

Here’s the lowdown. Some $4 cocktails and house white and reds, $4 drafts—they have a Barrel House and last time we were there Pyramid on tap as well as the usual favorites, all pizzas are $5 and select appetizers are ½ price. Happy hour runs until 7 PM. They also feature David’s favorite martini ever, the Collection Martini which is made with more vermouth than you’d think, as well as Laphroaig Scotch.

Palomino is located above Tiffany’s and Macy’s across from Via Vite and Fountain Square.

David and I visited last week.

I tried the Pyramid Thunderhead IPA, which I thought was very pleasant. David tried the Barrel House on tap.

Here’s the deal with Palomino’s pizzas. The ones that state garlic in the ingredients are ideal for garlic lovers. They put garlic paste underneath the cheese in some of them.

I’m a fan of garlic in moderation, so I chose the pepperoni pizza. Just cheese, marinara, pepperoni listed.

only $5 during happy hour!

I also got the calamari.

Maybe I’m getting more sensitive as the months progress, but I still found it to be too much. The pizza was good, the bread crispy and the pepperoni flavorful, but the garlic,Dear God. The calamari was crispy and well prepared and served with a type of lemon cream sauce I really liked, but someone had snuck garlic in the batter for it too! I could not escape.

I ordered the house chardonnay to try, and I thought it was pretty decent. David went with a side salad, which he said was very good but needed some sort of special dressing to spice it up a little. He also tried the cream of mushroom soup, and said it was excellent.

Our bill for everything was around $44.00, which is pretty good for us. As we left, we saw a bum sitting outside with a sign that read the normal “anything helps, God bless”. We gave him our leftover pizza. Palomino has many nice things about it that I really like, and it’s very classy with a great view. I just wish that it was not so infatuated and enamored with garlic.

Palomino also gives you these little fortune cards, another thing which I really like.

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