Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cactus Pear:

We’ve been wanting to visit the Cactus pear, with its well known black salsa for a few weeks now. We've been foiled because every time we get the idea to go, it’s early on a Sunday (and they are not open) or late on a Saturday (and they have closed).

We finally made it with my brother and my mom a few weeks ago. I like the restaurant, it’s a got a nice feel to it, although our table was too tall for the booth so I had to sit on my knees, which was a little uncomfy, and I imagine looked a little strange...though not as strange as a booster seat would have.

table was also Also underneath a bright green neon cactus, which means green tinted pictures. although it's not nearly as challenging as Bootsy's red lit table.

The salsa is very good, though I would have liked it to have a little more kick to it. It is indeed black. The chips were nice and crispy. I decided to get a melon margarita.

My brother decided upon the pork loin dish, which came with asparagus and sweet potato casserole. The pork was very good, and although I really like sweet potato casserole, there was some sort of herbal spice in it that I didn’t care for.

I chose the chicken quesadillas, which I thought were excellent. Lots of cheese, and large chunks of juicy chicken.

My mom went with the enchilada:

And David ordered the corn tamales, which he stated were “how tamales are supposed to be.”

I wanted to try another margarita, so I got their super premium version.

Next time I'll pull a Milton and ask for no salt

I then discovered why it is important to serve margaritas in margarita glasses. This tall tumbler let the salt fall right into the Margarita and down the sides very quickly, which not only made me reluctant to pick it up, but also wary of drinking a large glass of what was quickly becoming very salty tequila water.

I really liked the quesadillas from the cactus pear and the melon margarita. This would be an excellent place to meet friends for happy hour after work or class, though David and I are still trying to figure out what was in the sweet potato casserole.

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  1. I *heart* the Cactus Pear. Fifteen years ago it was the first "dining out" experience in Cincinnati and I still make it a point to go every few months or so. I make no claim that it is the best this, or whatever (although seriously right after they roast the tomato salsa they add crack. True Story.)

    But it's just one of those "special" places for me. Glad you liked it. :)


  2. Don Pablos, cactus pear....I am sensing a theme here. any chance we could lure you our of your bacon smelling apt for a trip to our favorite place, the Rio Grande in KY?

  3. "After the Rain" Renuzits, thank you, and the bouquet is lovely.

    I like Rio Grande, good margaritas there, I'm game.

  4. Love the Catus Pear salsa. I always spike it with the El Yucateco Green Habanero sause. That will get you your kick. They actually tried to go private label hot sauce, and broought back the El Yucateco by popular demand.

    You should also check out Montoya's off of Buttermilk. If you like hot, I recomend the Chicken Pirata Plato...


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