Saturday, April 11, 2009


Alright, fine, I admit it. David and I have been pretty lazy lately. I will say that I'm working on something big that's a surprise.

But we still have to eat (and drink) so as a result I've got a lot of posts backed up. There's some new stuff at the Pub, Cactus Pear, Goose Island Night Stalker and Avery Brabant tasting notes, a TTC visit, our haircut/pilgrimage to the Dilly Deli and two more risotto versions.

Last Saturday we attended the wedding of our friends Kyle and Nicki. It was a wonderful wedding--they looked great, we had lots of fun and we were also happy to see Jess and Brett, the skilled photographers that we were lucky to find for our wedding.

Keep your eye on their blog Monday for more pictures of the awesome wedding at the 20th Century theater in Oakley.

Our friend Allen took the picture below of his wife Melissa and I rocking out at the wedding reception.

I believe, at that moment, we were dancing to "Can't Touch This". I have now resolved to get the DJ to play MC Hammer at every wedding I go to from this point forward.

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