Monday, June 29, 2009

Thick cut rib steak:

David went into work after hours last Friday. While he stated it should only take an hour or so, I had my doubts. I’d heard that before.

I decided to make the best of it—I wanted to go to Whole Foods and buy dinner as a surprise. I wandered around the store and by the butcher counter, trying to decide what I wanted to bring home. I finally decided on a thick cut rib steak.

As a side note, the butcher counter at Whole foods is way too tall, so it took about 5 minutes and me jumping up and down like a frenetic terrier to get the attention of the man behind the counter. This is why I usually let David, who is a foot taller, order.

I also visited the salad bar and was scooping up curried cous cous and wheat berry salad into a little box when David texted me that he was on his way back.

This was good and bad. David was not going to be stuck at work all night, but my surprise would not be quite as surprise-y. David would notice when he got back that his wife was missing and know something was up. Deciding that I could salvage this and I was going to be cryptic, I texted him the following message.

“Preheat the oven. Meat. 2lbs.”

When I got back, the oven was almost ready and we were ready to roast our steak.

I also bought this flemish sour ale made with champagne yeasts

I had also picked up some red peppers, one white onion, and some mushrooms, which David sautéed in a yummy sauce. I had seconds of the onions and mushrooms, and I don’t even like mushrooms.


  1. how am i supposed to make it through the work day looking at photos like that? damn that looks good. what herbs did you put on it?

  2. We used some Herbes de Provence that we had from the spice vendor at findlay. Having a bag around is very handy!

  3. These pictures are making me hungry - on an evening when I'm already stuffed like a fatted calf. You take beautiful photos and do a great job of writing up your pieces. Kudos!

  4. David and I stuffed ourselves yesterday, so I know the feeling. thanks for the compliment! I was pretty proud of my terrier imagery...I was also in front of the "five on Fridays" crowd there, so I am sure they found it amusing to observe.

  5. what's your method for roasting steak?


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