Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tatonka Risotto:

A few weeks ago at the meaty wonderland that is Findlay Market, David and I picked up two filets for dinner, and just for funzies, four large beef spare ribs.
We ended up being pressed for time to cook them one evening, so we boiled and broiled two of them in about 3 hours.

They came out OK, a little bit tough. Could have been boiled more. In then end we ended up with 2 rib bones, a little gristle, and a large pot of some wickedly rich beef broth. David insisted upon keeping it.

Because what do you gonna do with all that broth, all that broth, in the large stove pot?
Gonna make risotto, that’s what.

For the meat accompaniment, we wanted something different. Bison strip steaks at whole foods seemed to be the way to go.

And cue broth and stirring:

And Steak:

Viola! Beef broth risotto with buffalo New York strip steak.


  1. We both thought it was very tasty, though David and were both pretty toasted on manhattans and pear vodka at that point. We'll have to try it again soon. We still have to have a risotto party!


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