Friday, June 26, 2009

Fuji's House, the happiest place on earth?

David turned 28 on this past Monday; and instead of taking him to steakhouse, we went the sushi route. We took the afternoon off from work and headed over to Fuji's house in Hyde Park plaza for some good tempura and sushi.

We perused the menu for about 10 minutes before deciding what we wanted. I decided to get the chicken tempura dinner ($14.95) which comes with some very good miso soup and salad, as well as the Yaki tori appetizer--skewered chicken in special brown sauce ($4.50). I also wanted to try their fried rice. (side, $2.00) David really likes the Fuji's house ginger dressing on the salad, and I thought it was very good as well.

Yaki tori with carrot flower

tempura chicken and veggies

As for the sushi, David decided to get the "Love boat for two" ($55.00), after promising me he would not try to eat all the sushi.

"the rice will expand, and then you'll be rolling around on the futon clutching your expanding stomach. It will be like a true happening of the urban legend about what happens when you after birds eat rice at weddings." I explained. Below is a video of David's sushi feast.

David stuck with Asahi ($4.00) to accompany his dinner, but I wanted the special cocktail that comes with a special glass I got to keep. The description was "souvenir glass". I expected a glass with a logo of some sort. I ordered the Buddha ($10.99) which was a tropical cocktail. I was not expecting it to come in an actual Buddha. With a straw in the belly.

I ended up getting two so that my Buddha would not be lonely.

I particularly like how they look like they are raising the roof. Party on!

David enjoyed his sushi very much, and we both recommend Fuji's house. They have excellent tempura, offer inexpensive bento boxes at lunch, and have very good fried rice. The only thing we did not like was the water, which tastes kind of funny.

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  1. Thanks for posting! I've been hesitant to try this place, as I am w/ most hibachi places... but I may go just to have Buddah belly cocktails :)


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