Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Revolution Rotisserie:

A few weeks ago, some of my co-workers stopped by my desk. “We’re going to Revolution Rotisserie for lunch. Want to join us?”

Though I usually go home for lunch, I was tempted. However, I still hadn’t been to the restaurant with David, so I had to follow the rules: David and I would have to check it out together before I went without him. After David broke the pact and went to Taste of Belgium without me a few years ago (and then was busted red-handed on Twitter), I’ve been careful to not commit the same transgression.

So I politely declined and mentally penciled the restaurant in on one of our free weekends. This past weekend, David and I stopped by for Sunday brunch.

Brunch features a variety of the pita sandwiches that they have on the regular menu, along with several more brunch-y themed items.

After much debate, we elected to go with splitting the chorizo poutine. I chose the Nelson Mandela pita sandwich, which is Mexican inspired, while David went with the Harriet Tubman, featuring chicken, muffaletta olive salsa, tzatziki sauce, and hummus.

While deciding, we briefly pondered the titles of the pita sandwiches. Named after revolutionaries, I suppose, but one has to wonder how Gandhi would feel about being associated with a chicken wrap (he was a strict vegetarian). Was Nelson Mandela a big fan of chipotle ranch dressing? Have they finally discovered Ben Franklin’s famous asian slaw recipe? These are questions we may never have answered.

I couldn’t decide between a cheekily named punch and bottomless mimosas, so why not both? I thought the punch was a little on the sweeter side, but it was delicious and refreshing after the walk up on a warm morning.

William Wallace Bravebooze

The tater tot poutine with chorizo had a nice spicy kick, which was managed by the fluffy, crispy tots. I wished the egg on top was not over hard and was a little more “oozy” though, that would have knocked the dish out of the park.

us fork-dueling over who gets which tater tot

David enjoyed his pita and ate the whole thing, prompting him to come straight home and take a big nap. In the end we liked my pita better, with chicken, nicely seasoned black beans, tomato, chipotle ranch, crunchy Frito-style corn chips (great idea), and just the right amount of cilantro.

Harriet Tubman
Nelson Mandela

The staff were friendly and the inside of the restaurant is bright and welcoming. The draft selection is on the smaller side but solid. Prices are very reasonable for the portions.

I have a feeling once word gets out, this place won’t be quiet for long. Also, the restaurant is right next to Washington park, making it perfect for take-out and a picnic.

I’ll be back soon. I’m especially curious about the half rotisserie chicken and their mashed potato bowl.

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  1. Although I am sure that the tater tot dish was tasty (and thats absolutely a good thing) I am kinda getting tired of all the places (and mostly in OTR, it seems) lately that offer "poutine" on their menu when the dish they offer under that name doesn't meet the criteria to be called poutine. This particular dish is the worst offender in that category I have seen thus far, with none of the three elements that define said dish. I'd call this dish "Chorizo Tots Brunch" or something along those lines instead. Yeah, that wouldnt sound as good or as trendy, but I'd like to see a little accuracy on menus.

  2. Glad you liked it! We got takeout dinner there [as we were packing to leave Cincy -- we lived just a block up from this location]. I have to say that, while the chicken was good [as it should be in a chicken place], the sides all fell flat. If I still lived in the area, I'd definitely give them another shot, but it was disappointing.


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