Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sung Bistro:

Glass slipper—a cocktail with house infused mango vodka, peach liquor and fresh orange juice.

Sung is dangerously close—walking (or stumbling if one has had to many cocktails) distance from our new place. I’ve come a long way in food adventurousness—7 years ago, I would have been hesitant to try out a place like Sung. Since we’ve moved close by, we have been there several times; I like it a lot. They can assert they serve some delicious, tasty dishes.

Sung has house infused sprits, which are nifty. They also make a superb Dark and Stormy and they have a good Pimm’s cup. Their cocktails are all very interesting, a little more than your run-of-the mill cosmopolitan.

Happy hour is Monday though Friday, and runs until 7. It includes half off cocktails (which makes most of them $5.00) and $2 off appetizers. Happy hour is only in the bar, but it is fairly large. It is also underlit by a large red light, which means all pictures we took have a red tint.

Their house sauce is delicious. I request some extra to take home with the leftovers.

We’ve tried a variety of appetizers, which range from $6-$22, including the Ojingau Tueegim (pretty much calamari, $8) and the Gimbab (rice roll with pickle radish, carrot, crab meat, beef, egg and cucumber,$7)

Below are Goonmandu, which are deep fried vegetable dumplings stuffed with tofu, scallions, onion and cabbage. $6.

Dinner entrees are served with a set of six side dishes. I’m not sure what they all are, there’s a seaweed salad, some kimchi and some other things on there, and I am also sure that I can’t pronounce what they are actually called. I recommend sharing the sides, they are like mini-appetizers.

I’ve gotten the Bulgogi ($17) twice, and liked it both times. It’s thinly sliced beef grilled with soy sauce, garlic, onion and carrot. It's very well seasoned, I've actually had the leftovers for breakfast the next day.

This is a very blurry Dolsat Bibimbab ($17), a hot stone rice bowl with all sorts of tasty veggies and a sunny side up egg in it. The Stone bowl is hot enough that when it is mixed, the rice gets nice and crunchy on the bottom. It’s one of the best parts of the dish.

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  1. I just tried the Fever-Tree Ginger Beer we picked up at Dilly Cafe, thats stuff is awesome. Burning lips and all.
    Expensive though.

  2. You need to hear things such as what I am about to tell you:

    Your blog has, literally, breathed new life into my Cincinnati experience.

    Being a native of Chicago, I (and my beloved) have suffered through seven months of restaurant "hit and miss." Though to be perfectly honest, "miss" has so frequently joined us at the table, we have started to refer to our nights out as, "the three of us."

    Silly, yes. True, yes.

    However, thanks to your pithy, well-documented blog, I believe I can see noticeable dissipation of said fog.


  3. I really like Sung but have never eaten at the bar. Definitely have to put it on my list. Love the set of side sishes there... believe they are called banchan. Thanks for the post!

  4. Bob--I've never tried the fever tree--whenever I order a dark and stormy I think of you guys, though! I'll order it with fever tree next time.

    Courtney; I bet you're right. I was kind of scared of the Kimchi but it was pretty tasty. I could just order the sides for dinner and be done, there were so many. I thought that was really fun.

    Anonymous Chicago-now-cincinnatian: Thanks so much for your kind words! That totally made my morning. I hope you and your s/o have better dining experiences in the future and I'm glad we can help! We started this blog after reading some of the other local ones for exactly that same reason. So that is wonderful to hear.

    Speaking of other local "food" blogs, I urge you to add some of them to your RSS. Liz from Get in mah belly is witty and to the point, The Food Hussy reviews just about everything, Julie from Wine me Dine me is a pro, and Courtney from epi-ventures is an up-and-coming favorite with fantastic photos. There are a lot in Cincinnati, more so than I could list, but I try to link to all the ones on the right in the sidebar.

    thanks again for stopping by--I'll try to keep up the good work!

  5. We tried Sung many times for lunch when I worked downtown. I crave that warm stone bowl in the winter. I even dragged the husband there for dinner one night. The food is hit or miss but the service is consistently awful. I'm so glad to have discovered Riverside Korean where both food and service always excel. It made it very easy to avoid Sung.

  6. Q-
    that's too bad. We've heard good things about Riverside, and hopefully will be visiting soon. We've always sat at the bar at Sung, and never had a problem with the service--sounds like we may keep doing so if the dining room service is iffy. Thanks for the heads up.


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