Friday, February 12, 2010

Banapioca, polenta and pork chops:

This is a post full of impulse buys and cooking. I decided one day that I wanted tapioca, after I had purchased it I saw the very ripe bananas on our counter; we picked up the thick pork chops because they looked super tasty from Kroeger and Sons though we had all our groceries already.

Also, David and I have fallen in love with Polenta. We recently had it at Jeff’s house during a delicious and tasty dinner party we were honored to be invited to. We’d never had it before. It’s a lot like cooking risotto, and we have settled on a method of making it that requires a little teamwork—David shakes the polenta into the stock, and I whisk furiously. It’s much easier than ladeling the broth into the polenta, if not entirely orthodox. And the whisking makes me feel very productive and accomplished.

The tapioca was not entirely instant, but it only took about half an hour to make. I would love to post the recipe, but this is an impulse post and I literally put pinches and scoops of ingredients into it. I can tell you it includes bourbon vanilla sugar, three fourths cup milk, Saigon cinnamon, a little nutmeg, one vanilla bean, one and a half very ripe bananas, and a heaping third cup of tapioca.

Kroeger and Sons at Findlay has some great pork. It’s also where we get our camel meat. I have to say though, since our A-Team chili post, camel has been difficult to find at Findlay. I think that I have myself to blame for the great Cincinnati camel shortage.

that's an admirable crust there, David


  1. Beautifully done. Those pork chops look divine. And I might have to mooch that tapioca recipe from you. I make a more custardy one, but I'd like to broaden my horizons.

  2. thanks! I followed the directions on the box (sort of, you know me and measurements) and added the bananas. I tried to make it again the next week but used too much tapioca. that was a poor choice. let's just say the texture was...interesting.


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