Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Forkable Feast:

We spotlighted A Forkable Feast for November’s Eastside Eats. I wanted to take the opportunity to review it as well and put some more pictures we took to use.

We arrived at the end of the day, and we were lucky enough to meet Stu and Randy, who own the place, and Michael, the head chef.

Housemade dressings

David and I were both impressed at how the food was packaged—sealed in cute oven safe containers— as well as the variety.

A major plus is their availability of gluten free cupcakes and desserts—even stuffing!

100 % gluten free, 100 % delicious

A nice selection of beer and wine is also available to take home. We spied Victory Prima Pils, a nice pilsner, Lambic raspberry, and even a gluten free beer.

Stu selects the wines that he thinks will complement a tasty meal.

House made pasta and pesto can be purchased and doesn’t take long to cook. We were sent home with some pasta and also the veal ricotta meatballs, which are tender and tasty. David says they are, and I quote: "frickin delicious!" The texture of the pasta was excellent. I've never really had a pasta quite like it. We really enjoyed our visit (and our dinner). I recommend you check out the online menu on their website, and take the night off from cooking if you get the chance.

everyone gets a complimentary little baggie to munch on while their food heats
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  1. So what's the deal? Is it take out and you can take it home and heat it up or do they heat it up for you? How are the prices?

  2. I went a few months ago to grab a sandwich on a Saturday to take to Eden Park & it was lovely!


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