Friday, September 18, 2009


We've been missing in action for awhile. That should change soon. The past few weeks have included a road trip to the 3rd highest rated beer bar in the world, learning Detroit is a scary, scary place, stopping by Bell's eccentric cafe in Kalamazoo, and lots of home cooking.

Before any of those posts will see the light of the interwebs, however; first things first.

Oktoberfest is this weekend! We'll be running around downtown most of Saturday and part of Sunday before stopping back home and heading to the Stone event/Midwest craft beer summit at Catskeller.

We're expecting to run into the Hoperatives, who are having a mini-happening at the Christian Moerlein tent at 3:00 PM. I imagine we will also see 5chwar7z, who, hopefully will weather Oktoberfest a little better than taste of Cincinnati.

See you there!

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  1. Yes I did. I didn't have anyone to drink with til late.
    And was too late.
    Local 127 was a blast, David will have to play catchup when we go next week.


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