Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gruyere chive Saison Beer Bread:

While I made my muffins, David went the savory route, deciding on making a cheese and chive beer loaf.

Fresh grated gruyere was added to the loaf, and it was topped with a cheese blend of parmesan and asiago.

For the beer, he went with something a little spicy, to make the bread more interesting. He also tweaked the beer bread recipe to add an egg and butter, to enhance the fluffiness and richness of the bread.

The beer chosen was Clipper city’s Heavy Seas Saison—the red sky at night. David and I really like this beer. It’s one of the heavy seas line from Clipper city, so it’s a little over 7% ABV. At under $10 a six pack, it’s a pretty good value to be had. Their Loose Cannon Hop3 is also an excellent buy.

This beer is pleasant and refreshing to drink, a little spicy, and a little bit sweet. But how would it do in our beer bread?

The end result was delicious. The egg and butter made the bread more moist and fluffy—the bread, as you can see, actually rose so much if bent the tin foil pan—than the typical recipe, and we polished off the entire loaf in a few days, grabbing slices for breakfast.


  1. I have clearly underestimated the power of beer as a leavening agent

    And I'm glad that you used Gruyere. You guys seem to like so many other strong, melty cheeses that this one is a natural.

    Ever try Fontina? Milder and creamier, but very good, in a slightly different way.

  2. It is possible that we picked a good beer for bread--bottle conditioned, with a little active yeast in the bottom, so it probably was more effective than, say, miller lite. We will have to try fontina soon!

  3. Please post the recipe!
    I would like to reproduce this.


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