Sunday, August 23, 2009


I went to the doctor a few weeks ago to get some blood tests. Turns out my cholesterol is fairly high, but I guess it is to be expected with the amount of cheese that I consume. I love cheese. I am like the Paula Deen of cheese. We have a special drawer designated (and usually full) of aged goudas and cheddars in the fridge. I'd say 5 % of my yearly paycheck has gone towards supporting my cheese problem.

stylin. why do I have to wear this thing again?

But I digress.

As I was chatting with the doctor, we figured out that I was overdue on a few of my boosters. So, in addition to getting blood taken, I got vaccines in each arm, including a tetanus shot.

After such trauma, there was only one destination that is an acceptable lunch. An oriental buffet. With sushi and fried rice. And ice cream.

Already deep in the suburban sprawl that is Fields Ertel, we headed to Kyojin for their lunch buffet. David was very pleased that he was able to eat all the sushi that he could fit into his belly.(see "Exhibit A") He started with a salad, and made several trips. His assessment of the sushi? He thought it was very tasty, but a little hastily made, so some of the rolls fells apart a little. I think that this is unavoidable when a restaurant is trying to supply sushi, which takes time to construct, in mass quantities.

"Exhibit A"

I tried the fried rice, short ribs, and various other non sushi items on the buffet table. I thought they were very good for lunch buffet Chinese-style foods. I would definitely go back, and the lunch buffet is not that expensive. There are also coupons on their website, and the option of a “non-sushi” buffet (also cheaper), so if you are like myself, and are not too hot on the sushi, you're not paying for something you won't partake of.

I also tried the dessert, and made myself a little mint and chocolate ice cream chip wheelie. Open question: does anyone know why Oriental buffets always feature Jell-o jigglers on the dessert bar?

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