Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Expanding my spritual horizons:

Last Friday, we were contacted with the following press release about this event on Wednesday at Bootsy’s. David and I occasionally get press releases about current events in Cincinnati, but this one especially caught my eye. David and I have tried lots of vodkas, bourbons, whiskeys, scotches and beers, but we have always shied away from gin. I’ve actually never had the stuff, if you can believe that.

Angus Winchester, career bartender and now the Tanqueray London Dry Gin Global Brand Ambassador, has made his life work searching for the best T&T. He has criss-crossed the globe, visiting dozens of countries in search of “the perfect T & T” and now he’s coming to Cincinnati to check in on the local bartenders to see who makes the best in downtown.

Angus will be in Cincinnati on August 5th at Bootsy’s - 631 Walnut St. – from 5:00 – 6:15pm. Not only will he be looking for the best T&T but he will also be giving colourful demonstrations on some of the most interesting twists on the T&T to hit the market like the Spicy T&T and the Bitter T&T.”

I’ll be bringing awesome-partner-in-cocktails, Janelle, who enjoys a good Pimm’s cup, down to Bootsy’s with us to talk to Angus on Wednesday. I’m pretty curious to see what he has to say, and find out more about gin in general.

Readers: Help me out! Are there any must-try gin cocktails that I should sample? Avoid?


  1. I adore a good Negroni. Unfortunately I've got other plans, or else I'd be there too!

  2. Julie, thanks; I'll make sure to try one for you!

  3. Never trust a gin drinker.


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