Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Busken's new Lite-Hearted donut:

I’m sure you remember my post last year about leaving Curiosity. I’m happy to announce that I’ve been working at Bluestone Creative since last July. You've probably seen one of their side projects in Cincinnati, called the Queen City Project.

A small shop of seven + one office dog, the guys I work with seem to have gotten used to my tales of crazy dinners, pop-up benefits and birthday parties for my cat. I figured they’ve earned a free donut.

So when Busken contacted me and offered the chance to try their new “Lite-Hearted” donut, I asked for a dozen to be sent to the office for us all to try. At only 140 calories, these donuts clock in less than half a regular donut, and come in adorable heart-shapes.

So how did the donuts rate? See below for the Boys (and girl) of Bluestone’s Busken Donut Determination:

Sean: “I eat glazed donuts more than any other type. This new low-calorie glazed doesn't taste different from the traditional one usually offered. Kinda gives a new meaning to "eat your heart out."

4 out of 5 donuts.

Andy is channeling his inner Ryan Gosling. "Hey girl, I hear you like donuts."
Andy R: 5 out of 5 donuts.

Andy V: 4 out of 5 donuts

Walt: 4 out of 5 donuts

Adam: 4 out of 5 donuts. Adam, much like our good friend Jeff, cannot stand artificial sweeteners or most “lite” products. He said it tasted pretty much like a normal donut.

Jack: 3 ½ donuts. Jack’s not a big sweets person to begin with, so 3 ½ donuts is probably the best Busken could hope for from him.

Laura: 4 out of 5 donuts. I wished that it had some sort of jam filling, though. Or sprinkles.

Maddie: I really want that donut.

After everyone (except for Maddie) had tried the donuts, I took a closer look at the ingredient list. Flour, Niacin, Iron, Riboflavin, Sugar, Olestra....

Wait. Olestra?

The Olestra?! Remember when P & G put it in Pringles and the subsequent *ahem* controversy from consumers who claimed to have experienced rather embarrassing side effects?

And Busken put it in their lite donuts. That I had just fed to all my coworkers. And both my bosses.

I sent David a panicked text. “Busken just tricked me into Al Rokering my entire office!”
David, of course, found my situation to be hilarious.

After some internal debate, (we'll all probably be fine...right?) I did warn the guys against eating an inappropriate amount of extra donuts, and can report no ill effects from any of us eating one donut. 

While I applaud Busken's efforts to make a guilt-free donut, there should really be a more prominent label on these, as Olestra is an ingredient that many consumers still try to avoid.  And while one donut probably won’t hurt you, I’d advise against trying to drown any Valentine's day sorrows by eating a dozen by yourself.

Busken will be passing these out for free (yes, free donuts!) on Thursday, so go try one--but I wouldn't overdo it.

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  1. Stay calm, according to the FDA definitions of how much fecal fat constitutes steatorrhea have not been standardized.
    So you're probably ok.

  2. Yikes! I never heard on the news that Olestra was why these were lower caloried! No thanks.

    I don't want to look or sound like that hippo in that video. . . I don't do donuts anyway since Fred's donuts in Fairfield closed years ago.

    Indeed, put a sticker on the bags or boxes, Busken that these contain the notorious ingredient. Not to be eaten before long trips, unless you have spare pair of pants under the seat! :)

  3. Sad that something that happened YEARS ago, and has since been addressed and resolved still follows Olestra. Instead of judging it by what others say about ancient history, why try it for yourself?

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I couldn't find an ingredients list anywhere on line, and knew that there had to be some sort of catch to it.


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