Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Foot long Coney dogs:

Grocery shopping can be perilous for those susceptible to impulse buys. Yes, those interesting and unplanned purchases that are never on the grocery list but somehow make it into the cart. There you are, trying to keep it on the straight and narrow, checking off staples on your list, and then you see it. You may wander over to the strategically situated display or aisle end cap and pick up the item. Usually by that time, it's too late.

It is an impulse buy. Resistance is futile. You will make your purchase.

David's somewhat immune to impulse purchases, but I am woefully liable to them. He's tried to curb my impulses various ways. For a while he insisted that we only purchase items on our list, which I solved by sneaking "miscellaneous" on every grocery list. He’s also tried beguiling me with sophisms or even making me carry the item around the store for 15 minutes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Which is why he was keeping a close eye on me as we were in the process of selecting hot dogs for our cheese coney dinner that night. But not close enough. I'd spotted the foot long hot dog buns and that was that. I could not be dissuaded, and David could tell it was a losing battle. Exchanging the hot dogs we selected for foot long hot dogs to go with the buns, we continued shopping.

Giant coney, to scale

size matters, you know

We picked up some tater tots to make tater tachos (like nachos but with tater tots), and the dinner plan was complete.

I can haz coney?

Haha, no, kitty.


  1. so now I'm super interested in what went into the chili part of the coney. It's a Nomerconey so we KNOW it sure wasn't canned Skyline....

    do tell!

  2. LMAO!!
    You're killing me.
    Love the Kitty T-Rex inaction.

  3. @Jenny we're still working on the recipe and a post for it. Over a year and at least 16 versions later, we're finally getting close :)

  4. Hey Laura! Your blog was recommended to me by Bob @ 5chw4r7z- you are hilarious. I don't cook well, so my impulse buys end up being things like Oreos, lol. I write a blog about thrifting in Cincinnati, and I love following other Cinci bloggers! I'm your newest follower- I'm so happy to be reading you.


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