Saturday, February 5, 2011

Of queso dip and social media:

I was resistant to twitter at first, like I imagine many other people were. After a few months of good natured badgering, I finally broke down and signed up for an account. Though I can see how it’s not for everyone, I’ve enjoyed interacting with my followers, readers and friends through it.

It also is a useful conduit to a lot of companies and corporations with questions and concerns. It seems that many organizations have realized the boost that social media can provide (when used properly) to their products. And which is why, on my quest for ultimate queso dip, I turned to twitter for some answers.

So where to start with a queso dip?

Agreed. Ro-tel. But not just regular Ro-tel. I wanted the elusive “hot” variety with habaneros. Despite my search of nearby groceries, that specific type was not to be found. I tweeted my laments, and reached out to ConAgra’s twitter account, where I was later contacted by the official Ro-tel account to assist in my search.

Congratulations ConAgra, your social media team is doing its job

In the end, though, a friend and fellow tweeter had my back, and located a few cans for me. And by few, I mean 10.

it's so beautiful

Apparently a favorite melting cheese of many Mexican restaurants (aqueria-tay ercado-may included) is Land O’ Lakes extra melt. I attempted to contact Land O’ Lakes via twitter.

what defines a "foodservice institution"?

….and the response was not favorable. Denied. Apparently you can buy a case of extra melt at Sam’s club—but it comes in a 30 pound box. Unwilling to try and eat 30 pounds of processed cheese in 270 days (the approximate shelf life of the cheese, according to Land O’ Lakes.) I had to find other options.

In the end, I came crawling back to the classic, Velveeta. Make fun all you want, but I myself respect Velveeta for its melting prowess.

Next ingredient? Meat. Bacon started out the top choice, but was soon overtaken by chorizo. But where to find chorizo? A quick response from Mayberry Grocery confirmed the chorizo was stocked there, only a few blocks away.

That’s the foundation for a solid, tasty dip—but I couldn’t resist adding some sriracha and a splash of modelo to the mix. And that’s the cheese dip that twitter built. Thanks everyone!


  1. Did you end up just digging the chorizo out of its casing?

  2. Looks delicious (and timely)! I, too was very, very skeptical of Twitter. In fact, due to my selective Luddite-ness, I didn't get an account until a few months ago. It seems I was really missing out.

  3. Thanks Josh!

    Julie, turns out the chorizo came in a plastic case and no antics with any casing were necessary, so that was a pleasant surprise.

  4. I wonder if the land of Lakes melt would freeze? Perhaps a trial run with Velveeta before investment in mongo amount of Land of Lakes. valerie

  5. What I love about you, you're a pit bull, you get an idea and you don't give up until you've done it.

  6. thanks Val--though it also means I'd have to have enough space for the cheese loaves in the freezer.

    thanks bob, you have no idea! I WILL GET MY EXTRA MELT somehow. That smug lady on the LOL logo can't keep me from it forever!

  7. Try the chorizo from Avril's on Court Street - one of the dozens of house-made sausages that rock the 'Nati.

  8. I've always enjoyed your blog but haven't commented until today since I finally have time (at home recuperating from surgery). Thanks for restoring my faith in Twitter. I got overwhelmed with it for awhile and had to take a break. And your photos are totally awesome!


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