Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crystal head vodka; sometimes packages make all the difference:

Packages and labels aren't everything. We've all heard the adage about books and covers. I've had some brand name, top of the line clothing that's fallen apart after a few washes, and we've tried some beautifully packaged spirits that have been fatally flawed.

Sometimes though, the packaging is just too cool to pass up, and maybe the whole reason for your urge to buy the item in the first place. I'd been eyeing the crystal head vodka that Dan Aykroyd's been hawking for about a month. I'd point it out to David on our trips to the Party Source.

“Hmph.” He'd say, rolling his eyes after reading the package. “Filtered through Herkimer diamonds? That's just quartz. It's chemically inert. It does nothing. No.”

I'd grumble at him, cast a furtive look back at the shelf and shuffle off after him down the aisle, muttering how David never lets me have any fun and how I wanted to put flowers in the bottle and use it as a decoration for my desk at work.

Finally, after seeing the gift set that comes with matching shot glasses, David reluctantly agreed to the purchase.

We decided we would make vodka cocktails that evening, and chose a raspberry liqueur, also fancily packaged.

I have no idea what this says

I wanted to get the full Halloween effect—and for that, you need dry ice. There's a deli that sells it in Clifton, but David suggested that Graeter's downtown might have it. They did. I will say, dry ice is really cheap fun.

The vodka itself? Ok, but not spectacular. Our favorite vodka is Boyd and Blair, a potato vodka. The Herkimer diamonds were supposedly chosen to filter the spirit because of the New Age belief they are filled with positive energy. I wouldn't count on them to give you some sort of crazy buzz or prevent your hangover, though.

C'mon Dan, use a real cork

David enjoys a spooky old fashioned

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