Monday, September 13, 2010

Soho Sushi:

I had to twist my Dad's arm a little bit to go to Soho. A traditionlist in his tastes, he prefers the more conventional cheeseburger (cheese and ketchup only, please) or a steak and baked potato.

The first few times I brought it up, he repeated sushi back to me as if it were a dirty word. "Sushi? Like raw fish?"

"No." I replied. "They have steak and chicken too."
"like, raw steak and chicken?!"
"No, Dad. It's cooked."

The third time I mentioned it, I was determined to have him try Soho out. Soho may not be exactly traditional sushi, but it's a good introduction to the sushi style, inexpensive, and made with fresh, tasty ingredients. I sent my Dad the menu for Soho and offered to pay. I think me opening up my wallet took the risk out of it and sealed the deal, because my Dad agreed to meet us for dinner.

David and I had been to Sushi before for dinner with Maureen, Mandy, 5chw4r7z and Ms. 5chw4r7z , Courtney, JT and Jenny, and a few times, had gotten take out for lunch. We’ve gotten to know the management, Steve and Zachary, pretty well.

While spending his younger years in Colorado, Steve's parents took him out to sushi often. Once he grew older, though, sushi became a luxury item. To many, it still is. Soho is striving to make that change. By using specialty machines and a simple process model and menu, a lot of the overhead is taken out and the prices are more afforable. It's fast too--which is a necessity during the downtown lunch rush.

The rolls themsevles? Huge, in comparison to what you might be used to. I can't even finish one roll, and more than one and a half and David is stuffed.

Soho makes the sushi concept very approachable, with specialty rolls--the ingredients have already been chosen, and make-your-own rolls, where the customer can mix and match ingredients until satisfied with the combination. Sometimes, this means you've unwittingly created a roll the circumference of a soda can.

While we were there, we tried a new menu feature-- the PB & J roll. Rolled in a soft soy wrap with rice, the texture is almost like that of pita bread.

it's delicious, don't be hatin'

I liked the roll, and though it is targeted to kids, I'll probably get it again.
Soho pays a lot of attention to detail--both coke zero and diet coke are on the soda fountain, which we appreciate. Their spicy mayo has a number of secret ingredients, and they make a new batch every morning.

I was proud of my Dad--though he preferred the soy wrap, which is a little softer, he tried all the sushi, sauces and even some wasabi and pickled ginger. He promised he wouldn’t stop on the way back home and get a cheeseburger, either. The staff at Soho is very welcoming to first timers, so don't be afraid to stop by!

spicy edamame

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  1. Zack and Stephan are pretty awesome. And the sushi isn't anything to sneeze at either.

  2. Audio-Technica makes a sushi rice roller? My computer headphones are Audio-Technica.

    I wonder if Grado makes a meat slicer...

  3. I want that super maki cutter even more than the rice machine!

  4. The pb&j roll is probably what my parents would order--they don't trust sushi at all.


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