Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flipdaddy's Burgers and Beers:

We rarely make it out this far on Wooster pike, but we made a special trip to check out Flipdaddy's.

Burgers? Craft beers? Can't go wrong with those two.

Flipdaddy's has a a wide, nicely varied selection of beers on tap, and the specials they rotate are featured at a great price--$2.00. When we went, the specials were Stone's levitation and Founder's Red's Rye, both respectable and quality choices. They also have this handy list detailing the beers type, hop level, and price.

light lager, 0 hops. sounds about right.

They have a lot of burgers. There's also the build your own burger option, which is appealing. Salads and wraps are also available. David chose to get the mushroom burger, named "monster mush"--a portabello mushroom topped with with even more sauteed mushrooms and cheese. $9.00. David said it was good, but $9 seemed a little overpriced for what it was. The other burgers featured are all between $8-9, which I thought was fair.

I chose to get the "Chuck Norris" burger, also $9--named, I guess, because it's supposed to kick your hiney. Pickled jalepeno, pepper jack, chipotle mayo and spicy seasoning.

We had heard that the burgers at Flipdaddy's were usually one level more "done" than what you asked for. I was fully prepared to use that advice, however, I was not asked how I liked my burger--and on our receipt, both my burger and David's non burger are marked as "well done".

Our guess is that Flipdaddy's is playing it safe, and if you do not specify a done-ness, they won't ask. You are going to end up with a well done burger whether you like it or not if you don't speak up. That said, despite the fact my burger came out well done, it was still very juicy. And messy. The pickled jalapenos made it a very difficult to eat the burger without getting juice all over the table and my lap. I only had one teeny, skimpy napkin, which made it more of a challenge. My burger was quite large, so I ate half and took half home.

The sweet potato fries were excellent and super crunchy. The staff was friendly, and there is trivia on Wednesday nights. Overall, we'd go back to Flipdaddy's if we were out that way…unfortunately it means driving right past the Dilly Deli CafĂ©, which is difficult for us to do.

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