Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Wedding Cake CAN be an Ice Cream Cake:

"No, we don't make wedding cakes." David and I were standing in front of the counter at Graeters, mid December 2007.

"Okaaaaay." David said slowly. "Do you make ice cream cakes?"


"Could I potentially take that cake to a wedding?"

"I guess so."

"Then yes, you do make wedding cakes. We'd like black raspberry chip."

photocredit to Studio 3Z

It was day 20 of our 28 day wedding and honeymoon planning gauntlet, and we were wrapping up the final details. Most of the decisions, David had left up to me, but he was particularly adamant that he wanted an ice cream cake. After perusing the local options, we went with Graeter's.

Despite disagreements with the counter clerk about what exactly did and didn’t constitute a wedding cake, we placed our order for pickup on the morning of the ceremony. Initially, the Celestial said that they would not garnish outside cakes, and would simply just cut them, but the kitchen staff that evening kindly plated and garnished the slices beautifully. As of today, only this grainy, first gen iphone picture remains, but we can assure you, it was delicious.

What you don't know it that he's asking me "OK, we're married, is it time for cake yet?"

So, in short, Graeter's has a special place in our lives. When we were offered the chance to try their newest flavor, white raspberry chip, we certainly were not going to turn it down. The taste is very similar to black raspberry chip, but it is a little lighter. We thought the blackberry is more muted and not as tart, which goes well with the milder flavor of the white chocolate.

We served ours on top of a brownie with whipped cream. This new flavor will be available to sample (for free) and to purchase at this weekend's taste of Cincinnati, and is also available in all Graeter's locations.

***Disclosure: We did not pay for our pint. We were contacted by Graeter's and asked if we would like to sample the new flavor. We accepted. What, like you wouldn’t?***

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