Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr. Sushi:

It’s incredibly dangerous to have a sushi place downtown for us. David loves the stuff, and I’ve come a long way since we started blogging—I used to refuse to eat any at all, I’ve now progressed to eating non-raw rolls, like spicy crab.

"Raw sushi? I already told you, no thanks. Maybe in a year or two."

So you can imagine what my credit card statement looks like. Lots of Dojo gelato, tabs at Nicholson’s and Mr. Sushi on there.

We visited with my Dad, who is not a sushi fan. But fear not, non sushi eaters— at Mr. Sushi, they have a large, non sushi menu with teriyaki and tempura, as well as pad thai and fried rice.

When we were at Mr. Sushi we noticed a large sushi boat being put together by the exacting head sushi chef, Max.

I followed the boat’s course as it was carefully moved across the dining room…to table with both Alex Chin (owner of the recently opened restaurant, Suzie Wong’s) and Jean Robert. The sushi must have met with their approval, because they totally sank that sushi boat.

We tried some of the house hot sake, which we liked. The hot sake goes right to your head, though.

I wanted to try some non sushi appetizers, so I chose two—the Yakitori ($5.00), grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce; and the Kani Claw ($8.00), 2 pieces of crab claw, deep fried with light sauce.

My Dad chose the chicken teriyaki, ($14.00).

David, of course, got sushi. He got some nigiri, including salmon roe ($2.50 each), some red snapper ($2.00 each) and his favorite, mackerel ($2.00 each). I once bought David the sea urchin ($4.00 each, not pictured) which he said was very interesting in texture, but sort of odd.

And a Japanese bagel roll, with salmon, scallion and cream cheese ($5.50)

I also urged David to try the Bengal roll ($10.00) with deep fried spicy tuna, spicy crab stick, and avocado.

For dessert, Max made a wonderful boat/display of fresh fruit. If you have a chance, take a few minutes to watch him work with a knife. Since coming to the States in 1984, he’s gained such skill that paper thin cuts look effortless.

On your way out, don't forget to try some of the little candies (melon and plum) in the dish on the counter. I tried the melon; it was delicious. David and I are very happy to have a sushi option downtown with some tasty mackerel, skilled chefs and hot sake!

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  1. Went last night, Killer and as you mentioned dangerous to have such good sushi on this side of the river and so close. Four of us got out for $130.


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