Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Abby Girl Sweets

I dedicate this post to my co-workers. Lots of bloggers have day jobs. I’m no exception (fancy cheese does not grow on trees, despite my birthday wishes of the last few years). My job has absolutely nothing to do with food unless you count the endless quest for better coffee and desired snacks in the vending machine.

Though many of my co-workers don’t really understand the food blog, they have smiled patiently as I regale them with tales of waffles, gelato and Findlay market.

They’ve listened to me talk ad nauseam about camel chili—and even daringly tried some—and the difference between pasilla and ancho chili powder, or how this weeks version leaves out the Mexican oregano. Or when I excitedly babble about how we were planning on opening up a new growler from party town that we purchased. Or the importance of resting meat. They offered their opinion as I agonized about whether to purchase my Le Creuset.

And they don’t judge me when I hover around the chocolate cupcake on my desk, taking pictures for 15 minutes before eating it.

Abby Girl is in Carew tower next to Havana martini club. The window is filled with very picturesque cupcakes that you probably shouldn’t eat unless you have an insatiable craving for plaster of Paris and lots of dental insurance.

The interior, however, displays various cupcakes tucked safely away under plastic domes, waiting for you to make your selection, like some sort of delicious cupcake lottery.

(above) Not for noms

for noms

The average price of cupcakes is about $2.75 per cupcake. They are packaged for you in custom cupcake clamshells that will protect your cupcake from damage. I opted to go with simple chocolate, and carried my cupcake back to my desk.

Abby Girl has many different cupcakes, and a weekly flavor that changes. I recall hearing something about caramel, coconut, and banana in the future.

I thought the cupcake had all the essentials of a good cupcake. Moist, tasty. The icing was creamy and not too sugary—I dislike the really, really sugary icing that makes my teeth hurt--for obvious reasons.

There are some other reviews of Abby Girl up on Urban Spoon, and I also believe that Eastsider Magazine, which David and I are Food/Spirit/Tech editors for (Shameless plug here) did an article on Abby Girl back in November, before the downtown store opened if you want some back story.

If the downtown Abby Girl starts featuring the mini-cupcakes mentioned in the Eastsider Article, I'll definitely be back to try an assortment of flavors. As big as it was, I split the cupcake with some of my coworkers--I figured it was the least I could do.

Thanks, Abby Girl Sweets, for bringing some tote-able, tasty desserts downtown that I can easily transport back to my cubicle. And thank you, co-workers, for listening patiently to me wax poetic about never-ending edible exploits and endeavors.

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  1. Your pictures are amazing!
    OMG I want a cupcake NOW!

  2. TRY THE STRAWBERRY! That is the best!!!!

  3. thanks bob, me too!

    Heather; I'm lobbying for mini cupcakes so I can try them all, including the strawberry, they all sound so tasty, but if I have to pick one, I'll try it next. thanks for the rec!


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