Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Café De Wheels:

hmmmm.” David said from his position on the futon.


“there’s a burger and grilled cheese truck downtown.”

“Grilled cheese? Truck? Where? Let’s meet there tomorrow for lunch. Bring the camera.”

Café de Wheels is indeed a big, black truck. Their first day of business was Monday, the 14th. We stopped by today to check it out. Their website is very comprehensive, listing the menu, hours, and a shared google calendar if you want to stalk the truck around town. You can also keep an eye on their twitter account.

The concept is a welcome one in Cincinnati. Supporting local businesses and featuring shadeau bread and produce from Findlay, CdW is off to a strong start.

David and I decided to pig out and we ordered the Cincinnati Cuban, with sliced ham, roasted Cuban pork, baby swiss, grilled onion, dill pickle, butter, and mustard. ($6.50)

I chose to order the Wheels grilled cheese with cheddar and pulled pork in the center. ($5.50) and the chili de Mike ($4.00).

We also got the wheels burger, with pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, relish, and grilled onion. ($5.00)

The pulled pork in the center of the grilled cheese was very flavorful, the only improvement I could think of is that I really wanted some barbecue sauce.

The burger was cooked a nice consistent medium well, and was hot and juicy, but begs for mayonnaise or mustard. David gobbled down the Cuban. The chili was meaty and not overwhelmingly spicy. It was perfect for today's chilly afternoon.

We decided to eat in the car. I think we’ve gotten used to being food bloggers, because we didn’t hesitate to meticulously unwrap each item and take pictures of them before we ate. I imagine we looked pretty ridiculous sitting in the car taking pictures of our sandwiches.

They will be on the corner of 9th and main for the next couple weeks, according to the Calendar. Please note that they will eventually have a credit card machine, but right now it is cash only. The prices seem very reasonable, the total for our super lunch adventure was about $21—and we got three sandwiches and a large cup of chili!

****Update 9/23/10: Cafe de Wheels has updated their burger to make it even better and now features a juicy, delicious chicken sandwich. If you're on the fence about going, You should definitely try them!****

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  1. When I was reading this post, my husband walked up behind me and said "oh my god, that looks good." Yum!

  2. thanks! we will definitely be back for some grilled cheese and chili.

  3. Love the pictures, are they ala your new DSLR? I'm definitely keeping an eye out for this truck.

  4. I have been searching for the perfect street meat cart in Cincinnati! Sadly it seems I found it too late. :-(



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