Friday, July 10, 2009

Baking Insanity:

David and I were headed to a cookout on Saturday, and after some consideration of what foodstuffs I could bring, I decided on desserts.

I compiled some recipes and stuck with the easy theme. I do not like to cook with baking soda, flour or baking powder—I’m very suspicious of such baking witchcraft. Such recipes require my nemesis, exact measurements.

That said, I knew I could make macaroons. They were a big hit at the cigar party, I figured they would not be too hard to replicate. And Rice Krispie treats were pretty hard to mess up, too. Yes!I could do both.

My newest venture would the 7 layer bar, with graham cracker crust, white, milk and butterscotch Nestle morsels, walnuts and coconut, topped with condensed milk. My coworker Christi had made them for a food day on Friday. They were so delicious I had to try and replicate them.

I drove off to the store and gathered all the baking goods. After I arrived back home and was sorting them into piles in front of David, explaining what went into what, David just shook his head and cocked an eyebrow.

“what?” I asked.

“Diabetes.” He answered.

“shut up.”

The Rice Krispie treats were made first. I discovered that I had not gotten enough disposable pans, so I made two “loaves” of treats.

The macaroons were next. I was a little more careful in my measurements this time, and they seemed to hold up a little better.

I had gotten chocolate chip cookie supplies to make as well. As I looked at the amount of baked goods multiplying like possessed bunnies around me, I decided that I could make those another day.

The macaroons I dipped in milk chocolate and heath bar crunchies, then drizzled with white and milk chocolate.

The 7 layer bars were last. Kate said my macaroons were akin to crack. If those are like crack, then this recipe is similar to black tar heroin.

they will probably kill you

I had leftover chocolate, so I dipped some of the Rice Krispie treats, leaving about half of them plain.

After a few hours, I had a large amount of baked goods to offer. Maybe too much. I resolved that no matter what happened, the 7 layer bars would not be coming back home with me—I was going to let them become someone else’s sweet addiction.

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  1. Those macaroons, if not crack, are a close cousin to crack.


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